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Ethereum Wallet for Desktop & Mobile ETH & ERC20 Wallet

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For users who want to use both, Exodus features an option to sync mobile and desktop wallets for convenience. It is not safe enough for storing serious amounts of cryptocurrency, since it doesn’t provide 2FA . It is perfectly protected for maintaining small blockchain assets.

While it is quite similar to Exodus in principle, Jaxx allows users to choose a transaction speed. Therefore, users get to decide whether they want to send their how much does it cost to deploy a smart contract transaction quickly or cheaply. Exodus doesn’t provide this flexibility- it focuses on providing the fastest possible transactions, albeit at a higher fee.

exodus wallet

On the right, select the cryptocurrency you want to receive. When you first start using the Exodus wallet, you will have to add coins to it for safe storage and also to send them to other wallets. With the help of an in-wallet exchange, powered by ShapeShift, users can exchange one coin for another quickly and easily, without moving their funds to a traditional exchange. As prices of digital assets are highly volatile, users could lose all or a substantial portion of the value of any digital asset they purchase. Import your seed phrase from other wallets such as Phantom and MetaMask to experience Web3 the Exodus way–secure and beautiful. Automatically scan multiple DEXs and find the best price for your on-chain crypto swaps.

Instead of an email and password combo, what identifies your wallet and your funds is your 12-word secret recovery phrase. We feel the Exodus wallet is better than the Coinbase wallet for many reasons. The main reasons are that the Exodus wallet has additional security features that Coinbase does not have, and the design and robust functionality of the Exodus wallet is also superior. Exodus has multiple apps integrated directly within the wallet, and there are more assets available for Staking. Exodus closed its Reg A+ public offering on May 5, 2021, issuing 2,733,229 tokenized shares of their Class A common stock and raised approximately $75 million dollars.

The Exodus wallet is, first and foremost, perfect for beginner cryptocurrency enthusiasts. That’s because it’s very simple to use, and allows you to store and trade multiple different cryptocurrencies, not just Bitcoin or Ethereum. Also, the wallet is a software, so it’s a much safe option than just keeping your crypto coins on an actual exchange. Write down your 12-word secret recovery phrase on paper and store it safely offline.

From Exodus Web3 Wallet, you can easily send and receive crypto on any of the supported networks. Like Exodus Mobile and Exodus Desktop, Exodus Web3 Wallet is a self-custody crypto wallet. It allows you to send, receive, and swap crypto, as well as interact with NFTs, on all supported networks. Another thing to note is that Exodus helps you store your funds, and doesn’t manage your private keys. That way, even if the hackers gain access to your wallet, they won’t be able to steal your coins since the private keys are stored only on your device. Being a lite wallet, Exodus doesn’t download blockchains on a device, which makes the setup much faster, and the wallet more responsive and convenient.

How do I buy and sell crypto?

This option is quite funny, since you can only pick different shades of dark blue, dark purple, and black. Explore games, DeFi, exchanges, collectibles, marketplaces, how to get free bitcoins on prime dice and more! Web3 Wallet is your portal into the entire Web3 universe. Being able to connect to dApps and Web3 apps gives you the chance to explore DeFi and Web3.

The first way of restoring your wallet is a 12-word passphrase that we mentioned above. The second way is email restoration, which is a useful backup facility that lets you restore your wallet through the email ufx review sent to your linked account. It is important to note that Exodusdoes not providetelephone support. Hence, if you happen to see numbers that are posted online as “official” Exodus phone numbers, avoid these.

Send and receive EOS easily with an EOS address or scannable QR code. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. It is possible to lose funds if your device gets infected with malware or keyloggers. More options will then appear at the top of the screen. You can also change the color of the background on the wallet.

What is Exodus Wallet?

Before making financial investment decisions, do consult your financial advisor. This is your public wallet address and is what you give to someone that wants to send you some crypto. You can also use this to send crypto from another wallet of yours to your Exodus wallet. If you are sending crypto from another device that has a QR code scanner, you can use the QR code to get the address. The Exodus wallet is much more secure than a web wallet.

  • That way, even if the hackers gain access to your wallet, they won’t be able to steal your coins since the private keys are stored only on your device.
  • It offers staking on a handful of cryptocurrencies and has Web3 connectivity to decentralized applications through its browser extension.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the software, follow the onscreen prompts to install it.
  • If you want maximum safety, you’d have to use a cold storage device – doing so, though, will make it difficult to trade cryptos “on the fly”.

The Exodus wallet is often referenced as one of the better software wallets on the current market. The Exodus wallet is great for people who are new to the cryptocurrency space. It is one of the easiest to use wallets I’ve seen, and it doesn’t confuse its users with complicated extra options. All the wallet’s features are very simple to use with few opportunities to make a mistake – that’s echoed by user Exodus wallet reviews, too. If the device that the Exodus Bitcoin wallet is stored on is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can still access your cryptocurrency.

Is there a mobile version of the Exodus?

Since both desktop and mobile versions are available, you can use Exodus on any device, such as Windows, Android, iOS, and even Linux. The wallet supports over 260 coins including Bitcoin, and lets you exchange crypto without any registration. However, note that the platform still requires Simplified Payment Verification as it is considered a light wallet. The Exodus wallet does remain a software wallet and a hot wallet for most users whose devices are connected to the internet 24/7. This makes it not as secure as a hardware wallet, but if users are following good security procedures for their PC and online life, then there should be no concerns.

exodus wallet

Storing your 12-word phrase or private keys digitally makes it easier for hackers to steal your funds. It is very important that you back up your wallet by writing down your 12-word secret recovery phrase. The 12-word phrase is the only way to restore your funds on another device if your device is lost or stolen. The layout is simplistic and eye-pleasing, which allows effortless crypto exchanges. Since the platform doesn’t store any info related to its users’ assets, all the transaction data is stored on the user’s device, which provides robust privacy and security. Exodus is 100% free for users looking to download the app and send/receive crypto.

None of them are too crazy, though, and they all give the software a professional look. The designers of Exodus wanted to make a user-friendly wallet that could do everything a basic cryptocurrency user would want it to. This, they hoped, would make the crypto experience easier for people that aren’t used to using the technology.

How do I download and install Exodus?

It does not support multisignature approvals, which require more than one wallet to sign off on a transaction — potentially adding another layer of security. Among hot wallets, Exodus lacks a few advanced security features that some competitors have. You can access your crypto via desktop, mobile or browser extension without keeping assets in the custody of a centralized exchange. Exodus may be attractive to users who are leaving major exchanges but still want relatively easy access to their assets. Get a Trezor to start using your cryptocurrencies in Exodus securely from your hardware wallet.

The USB shaped device can be connected to your computer to complete transactions or view balances. It comes with state-of-the-art security features as well. ERC20 tokens are Ethereum-based digital assets that are often developed by a company, startup or developer as part of an ICO or other fundraising methods for their blockchain-based idea. Some popular stablecoins in the market are also ERC20 assets designed to provide a fiat equivalent to the crypto world. However, your ETH address can still receive any ERC20 token you want. These coins will not show up in your wallet asset list.

This was Exodus’ answer to user requests wanting two-factor authentication and increased security, Exodus took that request to the next level. Exodus’ intuitive user interface, simple navigation, and exceptional customer support make it one of the best hot wallets available, especially for beginners. The addition of staking options for a wide range of crypto assets and support for dApps and NFTs makes it a favorite choice among even intermediate and pro crypto investors. Its in-built exchange makes the wallet more convenient, allowing users to quickly exchange their crypto assets without requiring a centralized exchange. The wide selection of digital assets combined with self-custody certainly makes it more appealing.

How do I connect to Web3 apps?

You can use your old addresses, or a new one every time you perform an action, which makes tracking your funds close to impossible. When clicking the ‘Receive’ section choose a coin, then the software automatically generates an address from the seed. Copy it, send it via email or print a QR code to access it. The software uses a dynamic pricing model, which chooses the transaction fees according to the network load statistics. What is more, when you want to exchange assets there is additional fee, which is a bit higher with the Exodus in-built ShapeShift feature. Exodus, our top choice for beginners, is an ideal choice for beginners.

Exodus is ideal for small purchases and day to day spending. Swapping currencies and keeping track of gains or losses is very easy on Exodus. Storing all your assets in one place makes it easy to trade and spend. The Exodus wallet is one of the most user-friendly wallets I’ve ever seen. Next up in this Exodus Wallet review, I’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of using the software. Let’s start with the good stuff before moving onto the not so good.